INSULEX is a break through weight loss supplement that combines the power insulation and expulsion with bulk forming soluble and insoluble dietary fibers that create a natural barrier between the food you eat and your blood stream. This helps you absorb food more slowly and helps you feel more full faster, resulting in healthy appetite suppression.

Combined with better expulsion and elimination of waste and other toxins from the body, INSULEX will help insulate and expel your digestive tract. 

"...maintaining 121lbs!"

"Insulex really does help me feel full faster! Now I don't have any late night cravings or trips to the fridge. I'm feeling better than ever before and am now maintaining my weight at 121lbs! I highly recommend you try it!"
Caroline C. -- Johns Peak, Georgia

Reboot Your Metabolism
By taking 2 capsules of INSULEX before a big meal with a tall glass of water, you will create a natural barrier in your gut and digestive tract that will help you absorb food slower, and thus, feel more full faster, and naturally want to eat less.
Naturally eliminate waste and other toxins from the body more effectively with INSULEX. Our ingredients help to create a natural bulk forming gel like substance that sweeps through your intestines and pulls waste out of the body like never before. 
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
You Either Love Our Product Or It's FREE!
We stand behind our products and supplements with an iron clad money back guarantee, if you do not think our product is amazing or you don't get the results you desire, the simply send us an email for a quick, hassle free refund. 

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" 128lbs, I've never felt better about my weight!"

"For me, it was all about lifestyle! I work 2 jobs and have a social life on top of that so when I discovered Insulex, it made it really easy to eat out in a restaurant knowing that I could take 2 capsules with a meal and I could have whatever I wanted without fear of unwanted weight gain."
Amber M. -- Las Vegas, Nevada
Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Bottles Of INSULEX Should I Order?

We have found that people who order 3 or 6 bottles have had the best results with our product because as INSULEX helps to insulate your gut and expel toxins from the body, you will naturally feel less hungry as you eat and at the same time eliminate old waste that may have been sitting around in your digestive tract, clogging things up. Bottom line is, the longer you use it, the better results you get.

How Does The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Work?

This is very simple. We want you to enjoy our product and because we believe in it so strongly, we are offering a full refund guarantee if you don't feel like it's working for you. Said another way, you either love INSULEX or you get your money back. Just send us an email to support.

When Will I Receive My Order?

We typically see our product arrive within 5-7 days for domestic based orders in the United States and you can expect 10-15 days for international orders. If you have any further questions about shipping or product delivery, please reach out to our support team for more information.

Are There Any Recurring Billing Or Autoship Charges?

NO! This is a one time purchase. We hate sneaky billing practices as much as you do and will never charge you a recurring fee unless otherwise specifically stated. We hope that you love our product so that you come back to make another one time purchase. 

How Do I Purchase INSULEX?

We recommend that you order at least 3 or 6 bottles to not only receive the best possible discount on our product, but also because people who are the most serious about making a dramatic transformation in their life and also those who tend to lose the most weight, order 6 bottles. Look below now for a special offer on INSULEX, lock in your purchase today!

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